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Lauren Alice Hardy

HELP: Foster Mom Catching Up Held Back Son

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Lauren Alice Hardy

Good Morning, 


This is my first post and first queries about homeschooling. I'm a foster parent in the process of adopting the three kids in our charge. We don't have any children otherwise. My oldest is 8 and spent a year in a group home before we got him. In the group home, he was put on ADHD meds, melatonin, and did poorly in school. He ended 1st grade in the 25th percentile, the school decided to have him repeat first grade, and then moved him to us in a different county. Now, we've got him off all meds, healthy, and doing really well in the first grade (80th percentile) but he hates being almost 2 years older than some of the kids and he sometimes get teased. He came home last week with a note from a little girl apologizing for saying he couldn't read. 


I've talked to the school about having him just skip 2nd and us working extra with him but they don't want to. At the rate he is going, he will be almost 20 when he graduates! It is a huge disservice he has been dealt. 


I have a sister who home schools in Nebraska and has used this website. In fact, we went on the Disney trip this year with her and her family!


So, I'm wanting to pull my son out to catch him up. I'm a stay-at-home mom working on my master's degree in Social Work. I can take a year off my program to focus on my son's education but I have heard I might not be allowed to homeschool two school years in one physical year in the state of SC. Does anyone know where I would find out if that is true? Would it be possible to homeschool 2nd and 3rd grade together?


Any other advice you have for me? Right now, I don't even know the questions to ask!


Any help will be appreciated. 



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Lauren, there's no law that states what grade levels you can and cannot teach. There are 5 required subject areas that you have to document. (See http://www.carolinahomeschooler.com/homeschool-faqs/sc-homeschool-law/to read the text of our law.)

And see http://www.carolinahomeschooler.com/homeschool-faqs/for other FAQs.

If you think you'll put him back in a public school next year, I would talk to the school he goes to and explain what you're doing and what your end goal is.


Then I would focus on the skill areas: reading, writing, math every day to strengthen those skills. If he's up to grade level in those areas, the school will more likely put him with his age mates. For the content areas (social studies, science) - I'd steer away from textbooks and take him to museums, state parks, historic sites, let him read (or listen to audiobooks) of historical fiction, watch documentaries, get books for his age/interest level from the library and let him read those (or you read to him), etc.


If he's two years older than his age mates, then research suggests he won't even make it to graduation - he'll be so beaten down by then he'll drop out.


Seriously consider homeschooling him for the long haul if the school won't work with you.


I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.




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