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Tracy Dunbar

School items for sale

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Tracy Dunbar

If interested you can contact me at (803) 493-4613.


Brain Box - $10 post-1212-0-79357800-1468599661_thumb.jpg

Physical Science  DVD - $20 post-1212-0-87241700-1468599665_thumb.jpg

Biology 101 - $45 post-1212-0-47853800-1468599670_thumb.jpg

WW I and WW II books - $10 for both post-1212-0-04937700-1468599675_thumb.jpg

Physics book - $25 post-1212-0-58937800-1468599679_thumb.jpg

Writing with Skill - $20 post-1212-0-75789900-1468599682_thumb.jpg

Economics - $45 post-1212-0-60809100-1468599724_thumb.jpg

Government - $45 post-1212-0-06374600-1468599729_thumb.jpg

Algebra - $150 post-1212-0-42499000-1468599733_thumb.jpg

Math 7 - $120 post-1212-0-42499000-1468599733_thumb.jpg

History - $120 post-1212-0-64329500-1468599741_thumb.jpg

Grammar - $25 post-1212-0-18587800-1468599745_thumb.jpg






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The physical science DVD, is that 7th grade? Does it include lessons or just an informational DVD?

WW1&2 books interested.

Writing with skill could you tell me is this a workbook or just instruction?

Math 7 is this workbook for 7th grade?

Thank you!

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