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Lego Land

Sara Wrazen Parise

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Sara Wrazen Parise

My son desperately wants to go to Lego Land. I'm thinking it could be a great educational opportunity in so many ways.

Any interest or prior discussion in a trip like that? Of course we can go by ourselves but.... 

He's 4 & a December baby, so we can't "officially" join until 2018-2019. He's doing Sonlight P4/5 & Timberdoodle K right now.  


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When we went the first time, my youngest was not of legal homeschooling age.  I called Legoland and asked if he could still get the homeschool discount and they said yes.  That was back when any non-homeschool kids in the group had to pay the adult rate.  Now it's all kids in a homeschool family get the rate.  If this is your eldest child, then call Legoland and ask if you can use the homeschool discount for a child that young.

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