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Greenville SC - tweens and teens

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  Seems most of the groups in the Upstate are for the youngsters. I have 2 boys, 12 & 15 who are looking to make local friends to have some fun with. They are into gaming, hanging out, swimming, etc.. One is into RPG and the other prefers board games and videos over tabletops. We had a huge network before moving to SC that had a good teen scene and just have not found the right circle in the tip of the state. I am already on many of the facebook groups but find most of the events are still a cater to smaller children or take hour(s) plus to get to. We also do not mind evenings, weekends etc... so we can do family hikes or picnics etc. It has been hard to connect. 



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Hi Kimberly,

We had a good group of teens and tweens at our field trip on Monday, but I understand why you couldn't make it. The weather is improving, so I'm planning more Outsiders events. I'll make it up your way soon. I hope you can join us for those!



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Erinn Hipp

Hello! We live in Landrum SC, not far from Greer. I have a 12 boy. He’s into gaming too. We’d like to connect. He also has some other homeschool friends around those ages. 

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