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A message of support from a PA homeschooler

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I received this from a Pennsylvania homeschooling mom who gave me permission to share with the group:


We live in Pennsylvania, one of the most highly regulated states for homeschooling. Please encourage your SC families to fight this! The hoops we have to jump through are a burden and completely unnecessary. In addition, the contact with our local school district often leads to confusion and frustration. The school districts do not know the PA law, they know their local regulations. Compulsory school age in PA is 8. But our local district "requires" students to go to kindergarten at 5. When we started reporting on our son at age 8,  we were contacted and questioned because we had not followed their regulations and reported on him starting in Kindergarten. Thankfully, the person we spoke with was willing to be educated and accepted my explanation of the law.


The local districts often do not understand the portfolio process, and many portfolios have been lost - leaving families with no personal record of their children's progress for that year. Unless families choose to make copies of the entire portfolio, that could happen to anyone. And it is not always financially feasible, or time-efficient, to make copies of the portfolio. Especially with large families.


We are required to administer standardized testing on our students in grades 3, 5, and 8. Parents are not permitted to be test administrators. We either need to take our children to the local school for testing, of find (and pay for) an independent test administrator. I have 3 in those grades this year...


These are just a few of the struggles that PA families have experienced because of our high level of regulation. You can share these with your group if you wish.

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Sue, I'm so sorry you have to go through this in PA. I had heard it wasn't one of the easier states to homeschool in. If you ever want to move south, we'd welcome you here in South Carolina!


Thank you for your support. {{{hugs}}}



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