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I will homeschooling my son for the first time this year due to concerns over covid. He is 8 years old, incredibly smart and a PERFECT child at school. He would be entering gifted & talented this year, has always been far beyond his age and I have never had one single behavioral incident at school the entire 5 years he has been in school. As a matter of fact, I am told repeatedly how he is a model student.


But when he comes home, he is very difficult for me. Doesn’t want to listen at all, irritates his brother, disrespectful, etc. 


How am I supposed to homeschool him? He gives me and his father a run for his money ever single day. I’m honestly terrified of the stress it will cause me.


any experience or advice welcomed. 

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Hi Mama K,


I am not a homeschooling expert, we are only going into year 3 at home... however, I do have 3 energetic, advanced learner type boys. In our house, this kind of behavior takes place when they are bored. Have you considered more hands-on learning activities? Moving reading or math or whatever subject you are working on outdoors to change up the scenery? Practicing times tables while bike riding or shooting hoops while discussing a book? A Friday field trip to celebrate a week of respectful behavior and thoughtful learning? Have you heard of Julie Bogart at Brave Writer? She has good ideas and positive encouragement. I've utilized some of her strategies on a tough day!


Hope that helps a little!




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Sorry, I did it twice.  I'm not sure how to delete posts here. :)  Here is my post!


I'm in a similar position.  I also have an 8 year boy who would have entered GT this year and we are homeschooling due to covid.  I also have a kindergarten boy. I haven't had quite as many challenges, but I have gotten a lot of push back about doing work from my 8 year old.  He's not like that at school either and in fact, did pretty well with distance learning.  It's been challenging.  I've started trying to give him more choice in what he does.  Like, doing a research project on something that he finds interesting.  It's challenging.  I want to give him a lot of freedom, but I do want to make sure he stays on grade level.  I've also found that reminding him that he doesn't want to be behind his peers when he goes back next year is pretty effective.  Overall, I've been pretty relaxed (possibly too relaxed) and I try not to worry about it too much and just go with the flow.  I agree with brave learner.  I got a lot of good ideas from that book. Are you using a particular curriculum? 

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