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Statement from Curtis Bostic about H3478

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Statement from Curtis Bostic about H3478:


As a candidate for the United States Congress from the 1st Congressional District of SC and even more importantly as a homeschooling dad (for more than 15 years) myself, I am keenly aware of SC House Bill 3478 and the attempt to roll back the hard won legislative victories for homeschooling parents in South Carolina.


I know how hard parents worked in 1990 to counter the efforts of some who wanted to take away the liberty of parents to direct the education of their children and then the hard fought victory to get the statute enacted that birthed "Option 2" and SCAIHS. Following that was the hard fought battle for the statute that enacted what we now know as "Option 3”; these victories did not come easily.


I stand absolutely opposed to this dangerous bill that would not only mandate government testing of our children, but it would eliminate the statute that provides for "Option 3" in July of 2014.


I want you to know that as your Congressman I will fight to protect and advance the Constitutional rights of parents to direct the education of their children and will fight to help oppose attempts like this to undermine those rights in the state of South Carolina.


- Curtis Bostic
(homeschool father of 5), Candidate First Congressional District

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