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Sandy Cate Henkel

NCFCA needs community judges Mar 3-5 in Columbia

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Sandy Cate Henkel

You may or may not already know about NCFCA (National Christian Forensics Communications Association) www.ncfca.org.  This is a speech & debate organization that is run by parent volunteers for their students ages 12 – 18.  We have local clubs which are grouped into regions for tournaments. Anyway, our family participates in this and there is a qualifying tournament in Columbia the first week of March 3-5 at Columbia International University (aka Columbia Bible College).  We need community judges to judge speech rounds in 10 different categories and judges for debate in 2 different categories.  Everyone knows what they like in a speaker which is all the qualification needed.  There is training on site for how to fill out the ballots.  We need people for half days, whole days or all three days, whatever time they can give.  There are platform speeches that the students have prepared and memorized on a variety of topics.  There are interp speeches where students have taken works of literature and act out.  Then there are limited prep speeches where students have a small amount of time to put together a speech on apologetics, impromptu topics or current events.  The debate styles are Lincoln-Douglas which is value based and argues this year whether National Security should be valued over Freedom of the Press.  Then there’s team policy where teams of two students debate for and against whether federal election law should be reformed.  As the rounds go on, it gets harder for the parents to judge because we have seen the students in several categories and must recuse ourselves from seeing our own club members, too.  Whatever publicity you can give to this upcoming event is much appreciated.  Interested people should visit the website above where they can click on the “judges” tab to register for Region 8 (VIII) Midland Qualifier.  They may also call me or email me for more information at 828-478-5856 or they may call or Region 8 representative Mr. Mark Seymour.  His email & phone number are listed at the bottom of this email.  I will be away this week at the National Open tournament in Black Mt., NC, so it may be next week before I can respond.


Thank you,

Sandy Henkel


From: SC_StateRep@ncfca.org [mailto:SC_StateRep@ncfca.org]
Sent: Sunday, February 16, 2014 4:19 PM
Subject: Update on Midlands Carolina Qualifier


Hello Region VIII Affiliate Families,


I am very excited about what God is doing with the Midlands Carolina qualifier. Things are coming together, and we are in for a great tournament!  


Be Praying!!! 

It has been wonderful to see the excitement and support of the midlands families as they have jumped in full force to get things ready and recruit judges. Many of these families are new to NCFCA, yet they have poured themselves into these preparations like veterans.


With that said, we need you to be praying. In spite of all the excitement, all the effort, and all the many, many conversations, we are still woefully short of community judges who have actually signed up. We worked really hard to get everyone off the wait lists. We increased our competition rooms to levels we've not had before - and that's awesome! But that means we need even more judges.


Every preliminary debate round, we need 41 judges. Every preliminary speech round we need between 93 and 96 judges. It all adds up to 1,082 judge slots. We plan on about half of these being covered by the parents and chaperones in attendance, and the other half coming from Community or Alumni judges. At this point, we have 14 of the 541 slots spoken for. That's less than 3% of what we need. 


Here are some specific ways to pray:

·         That the Community and Alumni judges who are already planning to judge will go ahead and sign up.

·         That those who are planning on judging one or two rounds, but could do more will decide to do more.

·         That those who have been contacted will be receptive to the idea, will be reminded, and will follow through with a commitment.

·         That people who should have invited someone to judge, and haven't yet, would follow through by inviting them.

·         That God would lead those people who have been contacted that are involved in organizations such as the ToastMasters, Pilot Club, American Legion, etc. to share the opportunity with others in their sphere of influence.

·         That the Professors at CIU, USC, etc. who have been contacted would encourage their students and fellow faculty to get involved.

·         That God would raise up people out of the blue - that He would orchestrate "chance" meetings that would open doors and bring the people in that he wants to hear the speeches.

·         That God would inspire in other ways I can't even begin to imagine.

If you need brochures (or a link to an electronic brochure), let me know.


Those Attending the National Open

I want to encourage those of you who will be at the National Open this next week to do something. Every time you take a ballot, pray for judges at Columbia. As you go to fill out those ballots, say a quick prayer for the judges who will be filling out ballots at Columbia - that God would place the right people in the right room at the right time to accomplish His plan and purpose!


Still Need Some Callers

We could still use some people (from outside the Midlands area) to make about 10 phone calls to people who have judged in the past. If you are willing to do that, let me know.


By God's grace and for His glory,


Mark Seymour | State Representative

     South Carolina


Phone: 803-856-1043 Email: ncfcasc@gmail.com Twitter: @R8Update 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

National Christian Forensics and Communications Association

Connect with us: www.NCFCA.org | Facebook 


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