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Joanne Braddy

Planning for next year new to this

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Joanne Braddy

Hello, We are new here so let me start with a little background and then what I am looking for in this post.


My daughter is one of five children. We used the K12 program and the connections academy as well as regular brick and motar public school. All of our other children either attend a brick and mortar or are K12. My daughter has a medical condition, Mitochondrial disease, fibromyalgia, and is not keeping up at all with school, nor do I feel she is retaining everything. She will be in high school next year so we have decided to pull her out and homeschool her on our own.


That being said, I realize that you learn every day which is our goal in this. Seeing as the  potential of her going to school and being a Dr or a Lawyer are slim to none, even dr's have stated this, I feel it is in my best intrest to teach her to really just function in society and prepare her to care for herself. We do intend to push her to do a college, as College of Charleston is currently working towards allowing special education students attend classes there. She is very artistic, so we would love to see her persue that or even cooking school, as those are her current intrests.  We are attempting to figure out how to do this and stay in regulations. For example can teaching her to budget be considered Math? Can we use cooking as something? Shopping I would gather to be math as well. She does love to read, so can I simply have her write a report or talk about it?


Also , Do we have to keep a lesson plan and how exactly do you write those out? Some say you just have to keep a sample of the work, but when I registered to become a memeber with Carolina Homeschooler I feel certain I saw a lesson plan needed to be done.


The other question I have is curriculum, she does amazing in Math, until we get  to geometry. We have been leaning on doing Algebra 1 or 2 with her and skipping the trig or geometry part. Is this bad? We just feel these are things she may never use but also that it makes no sense to stress her out by  doing this.


Okay I think that is all. Thank you so much for any and all help.




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Hi Joanne,


You're not required to write a lesson plan, and you're welcome to teach the subjects that you and she feel will most prepare her for her future, whether it's college, opening her own business, or joining the workforce.


If college is a possibility, then I recommend you begin looking at entrance requirements now and design her studies around that. I'd also recommend apprenticing/volunteering in different fields to help see where her interests are and to prepare for the workforce in case college isn't the goal.


Learning about budgeting, etc., is counted as personal finance. Cooking (and other domestic skills) is home economics. Geometry is recommended for most colleges (and is on the SATs). There are basic geometry courses available, if you want to get them a try.


Just remember that college isn't the best answer for everyone, regardless of their abilities. If college wouldn't be the best situation for your daughter, then design a program of study that will prepare her for after graduation. She doesn't have to take geometry, or chemistry, etc.


Have you had a chance to read through my FAQs yet? http://www.carolinahomeschooler.com/afaq.html  It describes what the law requires for record-keeping. Once you have access to our members area, you can read my High School Guidance forum and it will help guide you even more.


I hope this has helped. Let me know if you have more questions after reading through my FAQs.




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BillieJo Youmans



We did just what you are wondering about in Math...Algebra 1 and II and then back to Geometry for our oldest.  Two Christian school math teachers actually recommended it because Algebra had been so hard for him.  Worked fine :).  He just finished his first year of college Math. 


Blessings, Billie Jo

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