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Free online virtual schools?

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I have a slightly off-topic question, hope it's okay to post. My oldest is a rising 9th grader. I'm debating putting her in virtual school rather than continuing to homeschool. The reasons are many.

I'm talking to different ones about the differences etc.

Anyone here done or considered the virtual school option and if so what can you tell me about the one you used and/or any others? Thank you!

Specifically, I'm looking at Palmetto State E-Cademy, Provost, and Whitmire.

The others, near as I can tell, require too much scheduled online time and/or "busywork" for what I want. 

Thank you! 

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Cristin Golden


I am in NO way the  "expert" on this but I HAVE used virtual schooling for 2 of my kids for a few years.

I am in PA...but it is similar, I assume.

I Do like the curriculum ( K12) and it is challenging. I think that the High School "version" would be just as challenging, and that is GOOD!

I think they have a lot more interaction with the teachers in HS. 

Also, check your local Community College...they sometimes allow college credits for the courses your HS'er is taking :)

I have not heard of any of those you mentioned ( I am in Pa)...but as long as the curriculum is good and the school will work with you on things and answer your questions, it may be worth a try?

I hope this helps a little?

Cristin  :)

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We have done virtual schools in the past.  I have had good experiences and bad.  I do not recommend K12.  It is actually what made up my mind to take the full leap into homschooling.  There was so much busy work, they didn't combine subjects, they stated kids could work at their own speed then constantly pressured you into meeting goals each day, the curriculum was boring.  We've gone through Calvert Academy as well, but they don't have a high school program last I saw.  

Virtual school isn't as flexible as homeschooling.  As far as I can tell, all of them have some kind of goal system that children must meet in order to show progress.  I loved that they provided all the materials and I was still the teacher.  We skipped or shortened lessons that my daughter already understood or caught on quickly.  She would still be required to complete a quiz or questionaire of some sort for the school though in order for it to be considered complete.  Normally, she met once or twice a week in an online classroom.  This was fun, but interaction between students still wasn't encouraged.  they taught the lesson, children were given the opportunity to respond to questions and it lasted about 30 minutes.  This may be different in high school (more online classes, more participation and interaction).  My daughter became bored with the classes and I had to give her busy work, just to sit through them.  The teacher is state certified which was a nice resource.  They were always available to communicate with and answered promptly (a nice change from my public school experience).  They are considered public schools, so they require standardized testing.    

Hope this helps.

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