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HSLDA involvement

Robin Harrison Axelberd

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Robin Harrison Axelberd

Hi Dianna,


How did it come about that HSLDA became involved in your legislation issues? Were they already aware, or did people from your state contact them? 


We just found out that there is a bill in committee that proposes some weighty changes in our homestudy law, too. It probably isn't as bad as what was proposed in SC, but it is significant enough that we want to see it die in committee!



Robin in GA

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Hi Robin, they really weren't involved other than sending e-lerts to their members after they heard about the legislation. The word was already out and we had already mobilized before HSLDA or any of the SC organizations (besides SCHEA, who were the ones who sent out info about the bill first) even knew what was going on or reacted.


Robin, I'd recommend going the Facebook/Social Media route to get interest and opposition going, start an email/phone call/letter campaign now, focusing on the sponsors of the bill (trying to get them to drop sponsorship) and those who are on the committee where the bill currently sits. You can also contact your local representative to ask if there's anything they can do, but really focus first on where it's at *right now* so it never leaves that committee.




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Robin Harrison Axelberd

Thanks for sharing your ideas! Some people had already contacted HSLDA, so they are now aware and watching. There are rumors that the Section affecting homestudy is already being amended - I think thanks to early awareness and pressure. So...we'll see what happens next. The Facebook route, I think, is a great and effective route, especially since my representative is not a sponsor. (In fact, he's a homeschool dad!) 


The thing that has a lot of us concerned is that it is mostly Republicans who are sponsoring the bill. Granted, the bill itself covers a lot of education-related things (revisions to language, charter schools, funding/structural changes, etc.). But to know that the original language that have a lot of us concerned was proposed and sponsored by some local Republicans is a bit surprising!


Anyhow, thanks again!


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