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5th grade reconstruction era

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Hello All,

I am teaching on the Reconstruction Era this year and am trying to get my ideas together.  I have found there to be a suprising lack of information for it though.  Even my local library seems to have ignored this time period.  Are there better keywords that I can use to find material?  I know Jim Crow laws were a big deal during that time, but not much beyond that.  

Also, I tend to use SCEOC guidelines as an outline for material to cover.  For 5th grade history it is from Reconstruction to present day, but they stop at World War II in their recommended materials covered.  That is quite a gap between then and present day.  Any suggestions for things to cover after World War II?  I figured Cold War and 9/11 were big ones, but I know I'm going to miss something.  Also, I would like to spend more time on material after the World Wars, but it is such a huge subject.  Any suggestions on how much time to allot towards it?  I'm hoping to spend the second semester more modern information.  


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