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District legislative groups

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Hi everyone,


Several homeschoolers have been discussing organizing by district to help become more informed and proactive with legislators in each district. If you're interested in becoming a part of this network, please let us know!




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Hey guys, thanks for coming over!

Does everyone know what district they are in?

If not you can go to:  


Enter your address and all the information you need to get started will show up.

~I'm a rookie with all this so please bear with me!~ 

This is what it looked like:

Your United States Senators are

    Senior - Lindsey O. Graham
    Junior - Timothy E. "Tim" Scott

Your United States Representative is

    District 4 - Trey Gowdy

Your South Carolina State Senator is

    SC Senate District 14 - Harvey S. Peeler, Jr.

Your South Carolina State Representative is

    SC House District 33 - Edward R. "Eddie" Tallon, Sr.

With this information we can begin the process of contacting our representatives.
Most of us have already made initial contact with the introduction of H3478.
I think we should create threads for individual SC House Districts to start with since this is where this bill originated.
We can follow our individual and neighboring districts that we would like to be involved with or when assistance is necessary.  We can follow suit for SC Senate Districts.  
I'm in House District 33 so I'm going to go to the forum and do a search.  If there isn't a thread for this district I will start one.  If you are nearby and would like to jump in please DO!  
Within those individual district threads we can discuss strategy.
......these are just my thoughts and I'm totally open to suggestions on how to move forward from here!
I sincerely seek to help us protect our freedoms.
As a 3rd option parent of 3rd grader and 2 grown children ages 25 and 22, who have went through the public school system, I have no doubt this is the very best option for our family at this time and want to see 3rd option left open for everyone who desires to use it.
Renee McGraw
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Renee, thank you so much for starting this. I think you've come up with a great way to get us started. I'll start a thread for my House district in the next little while.




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